About Us

Octavian Natural Health offers health coaching and hands-on bodywork to highly driven individuals. 

We love working with entrepreneurs, programmers, and off-the-wall-ers who don't want anxiety, stress, or burnout stopping them from achieving their dreams.

We believe in natural health for overachievers and workaholics.


Our Practitioners


Chris Paliszewski

Health Coach and Massage Therapist

Chris is a naturopathic medical student who never got the memo that you're supposed to be stressed and burned out in med school.

After a childhood filled with gastrointestinal issues, joint pain, and anxiety, he learned to practice the very modalities that saved his own health.

During his first two years of ND school, he completed over 500 hours of extracurricular training in health coaching, nutrition, kinesiology, and subtle-influence healing.  He founded Octavian Natural Health in Redmond, WA in February 2017 during his third year of ND school after completing the Bastyr Massage Intensive and receiving his massage license.

His goal-oriented sessions are laser-focused on resolving your concerns efficiently as possible while also giving the body the time and space it needs to heal.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Licensed Massage Therapist, WA State (LMT #: MA60791816) - 2017

  • Applied Kinesiology Basic 100-hr Course Certification - 2016


  • Bachelor of Arts in Classics and Integrative Physiology, Minor in Creative Writing - 2015

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (Anticipated) - 2021


What's in a Session?

Every session at Octavian Natural Health is customized to your needs, goals, and preferences.

An individual session could consist of one or several of the various services listed below.

Total Body Modification (TBM)

You don't consciously think about every cell in your body and what it does, do you?

In TBM, every individual's body contains a "biocomputer".  This biocomputer controls the functions of our body that we don’t think about, such as our breathing, heart rate, and immune system.  When we encounter dysfunction in the body, oftentimes it's because one or many of these programs has gone awry.  To access these programs and scan them for corrupted files, we use manual muscle testing, orthopedic tests, and palpation. 

Then we perform a system restore to bring each individual file to optimal function.  The most common way we fix these corrupted program files is by using a double-pronged instrument to stimulate the client's soft tissue at various spinal levels.

In addition to these tests and corrections, TBM also utilizes nutritional and lifestyle education in order to address the foundations of health.  Sufficient water intake, regular physical activity, and supportive relationships are some examples of universally recommended support for a healthy lifestyle.

Applied Kinesiology (AK)

Applied Kinesiology (AK) utilizes manual muscle testing as a window into the body.  In AK, every muscle is correlated with an organ, an acupuncture meridian, and reflex points.  By testing the neurological responsiveness of certain muscles, we can gain information about potential causes of dysfunction.

NeuroEmotional Technique (NET)

All you stressed people out there, this one's for you.  NET uses manual muscle testing to find your stressors (both in thought-form and in muscle-tension-form), pinpoint the origin of the stressor, and release it using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) pulse points.  This allows you to process stressors in a safe, targeted manner.

Bach Flower Essences

Flower essences are highly diluted flowers that individually correlate to a particular emotional states.  These flower essences can be taken internally or applied topically to help support a healthy emotional response to stress.


Who knew simple water could be so powerful?  By utilizing the application of hot and cold water, we can stimulate circulation to various muscles and organ systems as desired.  Fabulous for headaches, acute injuries, and menstrual cramping.


How do we combine

all of the above?


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