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Annual Wellness Plans

We know that it takes time to heal.  There's a saying in natural health circles: "Count the number of years you've had the problem, and it'll take at least twice that many months to fix it."

At Octavian, we prefer to be realistic in our expectations.   We don't want to waste your time or money with half-measures.  That's why we only offer a twelve month program as the minimum for new clients.


Initial Consult

Your Goals

During your first visit, we'll review your initial intake paperwork and set your goals of what you'd like to accomplish in the next six months of working together. 

Your practitioner will help you create custom metrics so we know how to measure your success in the program.

Online Portal

We'll set you up on our online portal, where you can track your progress and message your practitioner 24/7.

Your practitioner will send you forms before each appointment, allowing you to track your progress over time.

On the portal, you can also view your custom lifestyle recommendations, such as nutritional protocols, handouts, and educational videos.

Transparent Billing & Scheduling

We'll discuss billing on day one, because nobody wants a surprise invoice.  Our goal is to be up-front and transparent about pricing from your initial visit so we can spend less time talking about money and more time talking about you.

Then we'll schedule you out for the entire year.  Don't worry, we'll sent you a text and an email before each appointment so you aren't surprised. 

$150 Booking Deposit (nonrefundable)
Applied to your Annual Wellness Plan


Wellness Plans

Customized for You

All plans include 10% off our FullScript online dispensary.

New Clients

We start all our new clients on a comprehensive healing program, starting with multiple check-ins per week to help you initiate changes and keep you on track.

As you become more accustomed to a healthy lifestyle, we gradually taper down to one check-in each month. 

Some clients have more complex cases that require a little more attention, or simply prefer more frequent check-ins. 

If this is you, we can add more sessions to your package at the membership rate.


Many clients achieve their goals within the first year, but some require more attention or come up with new goals entirely!

Even if you have fresh, new goals, you don't need to repeat the initial program in its entirety.  Established clients start with one check-in each month in order to maintain their progress.

If your practitioner notices that you are slipping backwards, he might recommend you increase your session frequency in order to stay on track to meet your goals.  These additional sessions can be added at the membership rate.


For clients who want to go the extra mile. 

Keep moving forward at maximum velocity

during your second year and beyond.

The Ultra plan includes a minimum of one session

each week for a full year.

This plan also includes an additional 10% off all FullScript supplements and products (20% off total).


Some clients want to maintain their member benefits without committing to a predetermined number of sessions in advance.  That's okay!

We cap our memberships each year to ensure each client gets individual attention.  The streamlined plan allows you to continue booking appointments at the membership rate without including sessions in your package.


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