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This isn't your ordinary, franchised, cookie-cutter massage.  We don't do one-minute intakes that solely consist of, "I'm just here to relax: light pressure, full-body massage". 

This is massage with goals.


Musculoskeletal injury?

Expect some range of motion and strength testing before, during, and after to confirm we got it right.

Physical Therapist


We'll probably force feed you some water before getting started.  (No seriously, that might just do the trick.)


So perhaps you are looking for that sweet, sweet escape. 

Swedish relaxation massage is fantastic, especially when coupled with other modalities, such as NeuroEmotional Technique (NET).

We'll talk about what's stressing you out and utilize every tool in the toolbox to help you build resiliency without running away from your demons.  That might even involve (gasp!) talking about your emotions.  This isn't psychotherapy; it's just common sense.

Stressed Woman


Our Massage Partners

Mobile Massage Squad

We come to you!

Mobile Massage Squad brings chair massage to your workplace, party, or sporting event.  Chris Paliszewski offers both treatment and relaxation chair massage, and is available for your event upon request.




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