"I found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble."



Why the name "Octavian"?

In 49 BC, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his military legion and initiated civil war with Rome.  Four years later, he defeated the Roman government and set himself up as supreme dictator. 

Although his military domination was absolute, Julius Caesar's brash methods were unpopular, resulting in his assassination.  With no clear successor, and the constitutional government disrupted, Rome entered another civil war.

Enter Octavian.  Through skillful military and political maneuvering, he defeated his rivals, establishing himself as the heir of Julius Caesar and the first official Roman Emperor.  Taking on the name of his predecessor, he became known as Caesar Augustus.

Over his 40 year reign, Octavian (now Caesar Augustus) discovered Rome's shortcomings and implemented systems to address its needs.  He emphasized efficiency, sustainability, and self-sufficiency in his reforms, establishing systems that could function without his direct oversight.

Some of Octavian's Reforms

  • Increased Roman borders and established a buffer zone between the Roman Empire and neighboring states, requiring less military upkeep

  • Rewrote outdated tax laws so individual Roman provinces were taxed consistently, rather than at the whim of provincial tax collectors

  • Reorganized the management and distribution of grain to the city of Rome, preventing mass famine and price hikes

  • Instituted official government services for Rome's imperial guard, standing army, police, and firefighters

  • Built a massive road network with an official postal system

Under the reign of Octavian, Rome flourished.  Not only did he revive it to its former glory, but Octavian ushered Rome into its most glorious age yet.


How does Octavian relate to my health?

As Octavian did so for Rome, our goal at Octavian Natural Health is to help you become efficient, sustainable, and self-sufficient.  That means empowering you to take charge of your health while giving you all the tools, direction, and support to make that possible.

At first, healing takes time.  Frequent visits and lifestyle shifts may be required.  However, if you build solid foundations of health, you can achieve your goals faster and more effectively. 

Over time, as your foundation sets, you will find yourself requiring less and less from us.  That's great!  After you've achieved your goals with us, we can schedule visits on a less frequent, maintenance basis.


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